(c) Cristian Niculae
(c) Cristian Niculae

Producer: European Cultural Centre for UNESCO "Nicolae Bălcescu" Bucharest

AGLAJA by Aglaja Veteranyi

Concept and choreography: Ştefan Lupu

Dramatization: Alina Petrică

Music: Abe Kyohey

Sound design: Mihai Dobre

Set design: Adeline Bădescu and Elena Dobândă

Costumes: Cristina Milea and Elena Gheorghe

Graphic design: Bogdan Domşa

Light design: Adrian Luca

Video projections: Constantin Dumitru

Video editing: Waradu Luin

D.O.P .: Marius Mihordescu


Aglaja: Alina Petrică

Mother Josephina: Anca Florescu

 Father Țăndărică: Adrian Ciobanu

 Aunt Reta: Olimpiu Blaj

 Willie Sacker, death, Mrs. Hitz: Alexandru-Lucian Aron

 Costel (Retas lover), Pepita: Ştefan Lupu

 Duration: 100 minutes

 Premiere: March 21, 2016

 Short Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl9b4D6v-HU

AGLAJA is a production which shows the fate of a family of touring circus performers. It is based on the novels "Why the Child is cooking in the Polenta" and "The Shelf of the last Breaths" of Swiss writer of Romanian origin Aglaja Veteranyi. Ştefan Lupu, who is responsible for the concept and choreography, combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. The show is impressively visual and spectacular. Video projections reflect Aglaja's mental states and thought processes. At the same time, the poetic language occupies a very significant place. A modern, tempestuous performance revealing six actors with special abilities. Alina Petrică, the 26-year-old protagonist, proves to be an outstanding artist.

(c) Paul Hitter
(c) Paul Hitter

Del Duma, Tell them about me!
concept: Mihaela Drăgan
director: Liana Ceterchi
starring Mihaela Drăgan
costumes: Mesteshukar Butiq
live music: Elena Albu
duration: 60 minutes
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=HbFLjnTtjp8


The stories of four Roma women intermingle with traditional Romani music in a documentary theatre performance. The four women say it out loud: “Del Duma, tell them about me!ˮ About the truth of teenage marriage, about what it means to belong to a traditional community and about what happens when you no longer feel you belong there. About the so-called “exoticismˮ of Roma women, about stereotypes which remind us that acceptance and diversity are still a long way from becoming reality.

Mihaela Drăgan, herself half Roma, plays with ease the four different roles. Drăgan is the founder (2014) of the first Roma Women’s theatre company Giuvlipenˮ (in the Romani language, the name means feminism) and is strongly committed to the rights of Roma in Romania.

(c) Adi Bulbuoacă
(c) Adi Bulbuoacă


an adaptation of Ana Maria Sandu's eponymous novel

concept: Silvia Călin

video: Black Horse Mansion

starring Nicoleta Lefter

a production by Nicoleta Lefter

duration: 60 minutes

premiere: May 5, 2015

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/117188821


Run is a performance inspired by Ana Maria Sandu's eponymous novel, dealing with the life crisis in women 30 years old, which don’t fit society’s standards of familyperfection”. Run is built primarily around women's defense and survival methods: how they manage to go ahead despite of the dailyrunning race”, how they master the challenges of each life phase, each professional failure, each sentimental disappointment. Another topic of the show is the feeling of solitude. Whether one is in a relationship or not, this sentiment is as strong as ever.

Using a minimal stage setting, the performance offers valuable insights into every minute of the passing of time. The protagonist of Run does not show her age. She jogs. She learned her lesson well. She knows thatmovement means life”. Despite of her desperate attempts to ignore gray hair, wrinkles and traces of cellulite, she is trying to understand what changes maturity brings with itself. She is wondering if youth without old age isn’t just an invention of the world in which we live today. Still, she doesn’t stop in front of her mirror image. She wants to know more. She wants to find out what changes have taken place inside her, how memories, old love, real relationships have positioned themselves therein.

The performance is aimed at all those who have the acute feeling that the time from Monday to Friday flows unnoticed and useless past them.

(c) "Luceafărul" theatre, Iași, Romania
(c) "Luceafărul" theatre, Iași, Romania

Luceafărul” Children and Youth Theatre, Iași, Romania

The green cat” by Elise Wilk

director: Bobi Pricop

set designer: Irina Moscu

cast: Dragoș Maftei, Ioana Corban, Alex Iurașcu,George Cocoș,Carmen Mihalache,Camelia Dilbea

duration: 60 minutes

premiere: October 4, 2015

a “silent disco” show for an audience not less than 14 years old

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTKdvJ9vu8M&feature=youtu.be


The Green Cat is a play that deals about imaginary worlds, about adolescence, love and loneliness. Elise Wilk imagined characters that do not interact with each other. Instead they address the public directly, telling their own version of the same event. The challenge is aimed at the audience, who is invited on stage to participate together with the actors at a 'silent disco' party in a club. Thus, the spectators learn about how an evening changed the lives of six teenagers. (Bobi Pricop, director)