Romanian festivals nationwide

© Irina Wolf 2016, with friendly support of
© Irina Wolf 2016, with friendly support of

Alexandria: „Ideo Ideis“, National Festival of Young Theatre (
beginning of August; since 2005


Arad: International Festival of New Theatre
beginning of May


Bacău: International „Star“-Gala (
end of April; since 2005


Baia Mare: International Theatre Festival „Atelier“

end of June


Brăila: Days and Nights of Theatre
end of September; since 2004


Brașov: Festival of Contemporary Drama
beginning of November; since 1978



  • Excelsior Teen-Fest (
    end of September; since 2015
  • FestCO“, Festival of the Romanian Comedy (
    end of May 2016; 14th edition
  • Impuls“, International Festival of the Contemporary Animation Theatre (
    end of November; since 2004
  • „Undercloud“, Independent Theatre Festival (
    end of August 2016; 9th edition
  • Fest(IN) on the Boulevard (
    mid of October 2016; 4th edition
  • International Children Theatre Festival „100, 1.000, 1.000.000 Stories“
    beginning of October 2016; 12th edition
  • National Theatre Festival (
    October 21st to 30th, 2016; 26th edition
  • National Festival of the Independent Theatres (
    beginning of November; since 2014
  • „Bucharest Fringe“, Marathon of the Independent Theatres
    end of September; 6th edition
  • International Theatre Platform
    beginning of October; since 2014

Buzău: Star-Gala „Vedeteatru“
end of May; since 2003



  • Puck, International Puppet Theatre Festival
    mid October 2016; 14th edition
  • International Theatre Meeting
    beginning of October 2016; since 2006
  • Interferences (in Hungarian language - biennial)
    end of November 2016; 5th edition
  • Man.In.Fest, International Festival for Experimental Theatre (also in Turda)
  • Temps d'Images (
    mid of November 2016; 9th edition


Constanta: „Blue Theatre“, International Festival of the Independent Theatres (
beginning of September; since 2016


Costinești: „Hop“, Gala of the Young Actor
end of September


Craiova: International Shakespeare Festival (also in other cities - biennial)
mid April 2016; 9th edition



  • „Gulliver“, International Puppet Theatre Festival
    mid May 2016; 24th edition
  • International Comedy Festival (
    end of October; since 1976

Giurgiu: Festival of the Theatres along the Danube


Iași: International Theatre Festival for a Young Audience
beginning of October; since 2006


Oradea: International Festival for Short Theatre (
end of September 2016; 4th edition


Piatra Neamț: the Theatre Festival „I plead for you/for the young [Pledez pentru Tine(ri)]
beginning of November 2016; 28th edition


Sfântu Gheorghe: Reflex (biennial)

end of March; since 2009



  • International Theatre Festival (
    June 9th to 18th, 2017; 24th edition
  • the Young Festival
    beginning of October; since 2015

Suceava: The Days of the "Matei Visniec" Theatre (

mid of May



  • Eurothalia, European Theatre Festival (in German language)
    beginning of October; since 2009
  • Fest-FDR, European Performance Festival - Festival of the Romanian Drama
    end of September 2016; 22nd edition
  • TESZT, Euro-regional Theatre Festival (in Hungarian language)
    end of May
    ; since 2007

Târgoviște: Babel Performing Arts Festival (

beginning of June; since 2010