Your agent for the Eastern European theatre scenes

It all began during my youth, this deep love for theatre life. My primary concern has always been tending to cross-border walks, either on paper or in project form. Gradually, this passion has developed into a profession. 

Are you looking for contacts to the Romanian, Moldavian and Italian theatre scenes? Do you need a polyglot networker and a good organizer for your theatre projects? You have found the right person! Based on your requirements. My strongest desire is to encourage the information exchange and to offer visibility to artists from Eastern Europe. I would be very glad to include you in my network and to accompany you. 

About myself : I am a freelance journalist and member of the Concordia Press Club. Born in Romania, I have been living and working in Vienna since 1988, writing regularly theatre reviews in Austrian, German, Romanian and Italian journals, among others in, IDM, DramArt, Vatra, Orizont, Capital Cultural. I am editor of the Austrian online platform Aurora Magazin, collaborator of the Romanian cultural magazines Teatrul Azi, Observator Cultural, and as well as of the Italian theatre magazine Hystrio. Since 2014 I am consultant of the Festival delle Colline Torinesi for the Romanian theatre scene. In 2021 I was nominated for the UNITER theatre critic award.

As initiator of the first writings in German language about Romanian theatre since the Fall of the Iron Curtain, I am the sole editor of the anthology Power games. New plays from Romania (publisher Theater der Zeit, Berlin 2015) and co-editor of the Romanian theatre after 1989. Its relationship with the German-speaking countries (publisher Frank & Timme, Berlin 2011). In April 2017, the dossier La nuova scena romena was published in the Italian theater magazine Hystrio under my coordination. Moderating audience discussions, among others in Vienna, Graz and Ingolstadt, is also one of my activities, as well as translation of plays from German into Romanian and from Romanian into German.

Primarily, I am active in cross-border cultural activities between Austria, Germany, Italy, Romania and Moldova. As an expert in the Romanian and Moldavian theatre scenes, I have been co-organizing and coordinating cultural projects in collaboration with Volkstheater Vienna (in 2013 and 2015), the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Book Fair of Vienna (in 2014), with the Bremer Shakespeare Company (in 2015), the Stadttheater Ingolstadt (from 2014 till 2016) and the Theater Ulm (from 2018 till 2022).

“As is a play, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters.” (Seneca)